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Soif de Coeur

Chance Meeting

Soif de Coeur

The Stake

The company Omnivins, a wine merchant from Bordeaux is launching during March 2007 a new range of wines, christened Soif de Cœur, associated with a dating-meeting website on the Internet : Chance Meeting !

« They are eight million people who live alone in France. The idea is to facilitate meeting through the conviviality of a product like wine. » points out the Sales Director of the company Omnivins working in close collaboration with Imaginform on this project.

The Objective

Associate with a wine « Soif de Cœur » a fun dating-meeting website. All the details of the game are given on the back label of the bottle, as how to get on the website. A secret code will appear on the inner side of the back label, when the bottle is empty, this code will allow the buyer to meet another Soif de cœur amateur.

The Creation

  1. The website is attractive. All the instruction details are easily accessible.
  2. Imaginform has generated a series of secret codes composed of 9 characters, they are printed on the inner side of the back label of the bottles. Once empt, the code appears.
  3. The webuser subscribe to the service, he defines its search criteria, man/woman, age, mother tongue, spoken language. The webuser will participate by entering his secret code.
  4. The connection is simple, a type of private forum interface allows the couple to communicate and to exchange messages.

Putting the website online

The website is online, the bottles are already in supermarkets. we expect lots of visitors.

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