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Lacour Mobilier

Rethink your work space

The Stake

The company Lacour is not undergoing its first trial on the Internet. An "attractive" website, but slow and badly design, proved to be a waste of time and money.

The Objective

To design a clear and simple website, that enhances the competences of this efficient and reactive company.

The Creation

  1. The website is attractive, efficient and simple to use. The user can find rapidly the products. The catalogues and information requests are numerous proving the efficiency of such a website.
  2. A form is included in the website for requesting information. It generates automatically an e-mail after each subscription of a web user. It provides an efficient follow up.
  3. Our application provoide statistics that allows the client to verify the visits made from the pay-per-click campaign.

Putting the website online

The website was online since June 2004, it was revamped in 2006. After a period of tests, the contacts started in September, a month later, our client receive an average of 10 contacts per day, by e-mail or directly by telephone. This website was cost effective after only three months of existence.

Lacour Mobilier

The form

A complete form, allows the prospect to identify its needs, to request a catalogue.

Making contact is an essential aspect of this website.

The subscribers list and the import functions allow the creation of identified groups to set up actions for the development of customer loyalty by e-mail.

142, Av. Salle de Breillan
33290 Blanquefort
Tél.+33 (0)5 56 05 65 78