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ImaginData Process Info

Process Data Management

The Stake

This is an industrial site for urban waste incineration, including 2 boilers and an 11Mw turbine. Management, production and maintenance personnel must have access to process data at all time.

The Objective

To collect process data sample every 5 seconds to provide high quality graphics / curves. Data is then agregated to minutes, hour and day averages to provide reporting. The objective is to backup data outside the industrial site

The Creation

  1. The data is collected via OPC or Historian systems, they are transmited to our server via a secure VPN connexion.
  2. The server backup all data and then input them in a database.
  3. Our application provides the user with graphics, tables and reports as well as the alarm list.
ImaginData Process Info


Reports are created on demand.

Average data minute base can be exported. Reports hour or day are displayed by selecting beginning and end date

A section is reserved to mill reporting, the user can create its own reports.

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