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Project management

Project management

Imaginform propose to apply its methodology in web design.
An Internet project is firstly a team work, it is managed just like a software application project, we just have to add the ergonomy and visual aspect of communication.
All the steps during the design have to be validated before going to the next one.

Animating the web site

Animating the web site

A website has a life span, it must be kept up to date, animating the site is a big part of its success. In our Internet solution, we provide the tools to follow around the clock, without time limit.
But, have you ressources to achieve this task ?
Imaginform propose to help you in following the life of your website and to provide you with solutions to optimise your presence on Internet : generate traffic, improve your website and your image...

Trust worthy website

When editing a professional website, you have to inform visitors by showing:

  • the director or co-director of publication and, if needed, the publishing responsible.
  • the name, address, phone number of the hosting company.
  • for individuals : their name, first name, address and phone number and, professionnal details.
  • for companies: professionnal details and the adress of the head office.


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